Do You Need a Special Policy if You Deliver Pizza?

Now that I’ve gotten your attention…and made you hungry…let’s talk insurance.

With college students heading back to campus, we are getting quite a few calls at Langlois Insurance Agency about these college students taking delivery jobs for companies such as Jimmy John’s, Grub Hub, Uber Eats, pizza delivery, etc…

Did you know that if your college student is participating in this type of activity, they will not be covered under a standard insurance policy?

This is because if you deliver food in your personal vehicle, you need to purchase a commercial policy because your auto insurance policy will not cover your personal vehicle if you are in an accident while using it for work purposes.
Most parents – and their college aged children – don’t think about needing a specific type of insurance policy for their vehicle while they are driving. They assume that their personal auto policy will cover any accident. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Will the Delivery Company Cover my Kid?

In addition, the delivery company that you are working for is not required to provide you with any insurance or insurance information. Their only obligation is to tell you that need to have insurance.

We have heard situations where students are given highly inaccurate advice and are being told, “You don’t need to get the special insurance for your vehicle because how will your insurance company find out?” Well, I am here to let you know that this advice is not only wrong, it is unethical. And, if your student gets into one little accident on the job, they will quickly find out that the insurance companies do find out if this accident occurred while working.

When your student gets into an accident delivering for a company, there is always a police report. And, this report will note that the student was driving for a delivery, which then is sent to your insurance provider. Once the insurance provider reads this report, and notes that the accident occurred during driving for business purposes, they will most likely deny the claim.

So, if you or your student utilize your vehicle for any business purposes, please give any of us at Langlois Insurance Agency a call at #815-485-2106 and we can assist you in putting together an insurance policy that meets your needs. We always love to hear from our customers!

Warmest Regards,
Matt Langlois