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Term and Whole Life Insurance: Explained

Unless you are a life insurance specialist, like me, life insurance is nobody’s favorite subject of conversation. Most people associate life insurance with expensive monthly premiums and, more importantly, their own mortality. For that reason, many people aren’t sure how life insurance works, or what their options are. However, thinking about your life insurance policy is very important! It is intended to lessen the impact of death on your loved ones, and it doesn’t even have to be expensive. Below, we discuss the major differences between term life insurance and whole life insurance to help you determine which one may be best for you.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a simpler, cheaper type of life insurance that’s a great way to institute a policy without having to cut too deep into monthly expenses. Term life is purchased for a specific time period, anywhere from 5 to 30 years. Death benefits will only be paid if the death occurs during the term of the policy. More often than not, term life will become much more expensive as you age. After the age of 50, the cost of term life quickly creeps up to the cost of permanent life insurance, so you should look into getting it sooner rather than later. Also, these policies can also be converted into whole life insurance in some cases, which is another option if you feel like it may be the time to consider whole life.

Whole Life

Term life insurance covers you for a set period of time, while whole life does exactly what you’d expect: it covers you for your whole life. Not only does it provide death benefits when the time comes, but it also provides a cash value accumulation that builds during the life of the policy. This means that you can actually see payoffs of your premium at a certain time, sort of similar to a retirement policy with your employer. It usually takes anywhere from 12 to 15 years to build up a considerable cash value. This cash value is based on how much the return on investment is worth.

Acquiring a whole life policy does usually mean a medical examination, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, with a higher premium, whole life insurance can be purchased without a health examination. This type of insurance works great for estate planning, and although it is initially more expensive, you can potentially save money through whole life insurance in the long run. Be sure to see what works best for your finances by speaking with a risk advisor today.

Choosing What’s Right

There are many different factors to take into account when deciding what kind of life insurance is right for you. When you come into Langlois Insurance Agency to discuss the best life insurance “fit” for your needs, we will consider several factors:

  • Your current age
  • State of health
  • Financial needs (for yourself and family)
  • Plans for funeral and death expenses
  • Children’s ages
  • Long-term health expenses
  • Mortgage and current debts
  • Retirement plan
  • Future monetary needs of your children
  • Your estate
  • Your thoughts on paying a full term policy and never receiving the value of it

Although that may be a long list, factoring in as much as possible is important because life insurance is a big investment. Give our agency a call today at #815-485-2106 so we can help find you the best policy for you and your family. We always love to hear from our customers!

Warmest Regards,

Matt Langlois

What are my Life Insurance Options?

I recently checked an item off my bucket list while vacationing with my family.

While I was soaring above the ocean with my lovely daughter, I felt so grateful for this beautiful life God has granted to me.

And, as we ascended higher into the sky, my thoughts turned to how I can always have my family protected. What other items can I add to my bucket list that will keep them safe and secure in the event that something happens to me prematurely?

Having sufficient Life Insurance coverage was the answer.

If my children determine that college is the path that they want to take, I want it to be a feasible option for them even if I’m not around. If a medical emergency arises, I want to make certain that our Health Insurance is paid in full. If my son wants to play on the travel team for baseball, I want to ensure that there is enough money in the bank to cover this expense.

Life Insurance. This is my ultimate “bucket list” item.

So, what Life Insurance options are available?

Whatever your situation – buying Life Insurance for the first time, nearing retirement, or looking to insure your children – Langlois Insurance Agency can provide protection for those you love. Just look at the many options we can help you explore:

Universal Life Insurance – Highly competitive and flexible with guaranteed death benefits and strong cash accumulation. Protection for your family, business, and everything else that is important to you. You can customize this coverage with valuable riders like Long Term Care, and more.

Term Life Insurance to 95+ – Guaranteed level Term Life Insurance features your choice of level death benefit term periods with guaranteed level premiums for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years and coverage expiring at age 95.

Preferred Whole Life Insurance – Fully guaranteed traditional Whole Life Insurance plan with five premium options. A Long Term Care Rider can be added to your policy so you won’t be dependent on your family to take care of you should you need Long Term Care in your later years.

Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance – Traditional Whole Life Insurance plan with five premium options. Guaranteed cash values and premiums. As long as you are not confined to hospice or a hospital and are not terminally ill, you can be accepted into this plan.

Graded Death Benefit Whole Life Insurance – Traditional Whole Life Insurance plan with four premium options.

Transitional Life Insurance – A brand new concept in Life Insurance. Providing a high-level Life Insurance benefit during the years you need it the most, and ending with a guaranteed, paid-up policy that will be there for the rest of your life.

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance – What to increase the legacy you leave to your children or grandchildren? The death benefit is tax-free too.

Funeral Preplanning – Preplanning a funeral can offer family members peace of mind.

Credit Insurance & Debt Protection – This coverage can eliminate the worry associated with making your loan payments when those unexpected events occur that could cause a financial hardship to your family.

If you’re like most of us, you don’t know which of the above Life Insurance plan(s) is right for you.

Let me help you.

Langlois Insurance Agency specializes in Life Insurance, mainly because we strongly believe that it is so important. I can help you select the right amount of Life Insurance benefits to ensure your family is properly protected…and will do it at a premium that you can afford and are comfortable with.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact any of us at Langlois Insurance Agency with any questions or comments.

We always love to hear from our customers!

Matt Langlois


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