Off Premise Liability

Teaching my boys about Off Premise Liability.

I became an Insurance Agent going on 17 years ago. And, I became a Father going on 12 years ago. Most days, these two hats that I wear ebb and flow seamlessly.

And then there are the days that I come home from the office and see my two youngest doing this:

I mean, look how happy they are. Those smiles. Those smiles just melt my heart. And, therefore the Dad part of me is happy.


The Insurance Agent part of me is sweating. Sweating bullets. Don’t those kids know that there is often zero Off-Premise Liability coverage for these types of motorbikes?

Don’t they teach this at their school?

So, I take a deep breath, do a little happy-dance that at least my boys are wearing proper head-protection, and let my inner Dad vs. inner Insurance Agent do battle.

At the end of this epic battle, inner Dad wins. Insurance Agent Dad puts up a good fight, but can’t combat these two boys pleas for “one more ride around the neighborhood.”

Ride on boys. Just don’t crash.

Matt Langlois

Langlois Insurance Agency